The Live Events Coalition is a volunteer-run, nonpartisan, not for profit organization created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on the live events industry. We exist to provide advocacy, resources, and a network that connects and supports all of the businesses, contractors, and our workforce of 12 million people – the lifeblood of every event.


The Coalition advocates for and supports the many voices that make up the live events industry. We are hospitality, planners, caterers, talent, musicians, producers, technicians, general contractors, engineers, suppliers, manufacturers, and so much more.


We are the live events industry.


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We’re stronger together. Becoming a member brings strength to our industry and in return, we are able to strengthen you and your networks. Becoming a member will give you access to benefits like our brand new health insurance options that have been designed with you in mind. Explore your options below.


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The Live Events Coalition exists to provide advocacy, resources and a network that connects and supports all of the businesses, contractors and our workforce – the lifeblood of every event. Whether you have friends and family who work events or just love the experience of live events, we need your help.


Send a Letter to Elected Officials

In this complex time, there are so many obstacles and challenges to get those what they need.  Use our letter generator as a tool to send the needs of the Live Events Industry and it’s workers directly to your representatives in Washington. Inside or outside of the industry… Every letter counts.

There is strength in numbers, we are consistently welcoming industry leaders & innovators to work with us. Interested in volunteering?