About Live Events Coalition


Created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on the live events industry, the Live Events Coalition exists to provide advocacy, resources and a network that connects and supports all of the businesses, contractors and our workforce – the lifeblood of every event.


We advocate for and support the many voices that make up the live events industry. We are hospitality, planners, caterers, talent, musicians, producers, technicians, general contractors, engineers, suppliers, manufacturers and so much more. – We are live events.


The Coalition has two immediate goals:

Leverage the power of our network to provide care, support and resources for the community that makes up the live events industry.

Call attention to the catastrophic effects of Covid-19 on the business of live events; and ensure that we’re included in the ongoing National conversation and supplemental Federal relief aid packages.


The Coalition has four immediate objectives:

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We are committed to the people who make every live event possible. They are the heart and soul of this Coalition. Every person who works in support of live events across every segment of the business has a story to tell. While the need to shut down live events of every kind was necessary to slow the spread of the virus, our people were the first to be impacted by a complete loss of business, loss of income and anxiety about how they were going to survive. We will work to identify and provide critical resources, information and support for our community.

We are committed to raising the collective voice of the Live Events Coalition to create awareness of the severe economic impact and job loss that we are suffering from as a result a complete shutdown of live events.
The work stoppage within the industry that produces them has created a ripple effect far greater than anyone has acknowledged, and it is threatening a significant portion of the U.S. economy.


We are committed to working with our political leaders and other industry organizations to bring immediate relief to companies of all size, independent contractors and freelance workers. This relief must go beyond the generalized benefits of the stimulus packages to date to meet the varied and complex needs of the entire live events industry.

We are committed to addressing the long-term impact of Covid-19 on the live events industry. We must ensure that future aid packages address our ability to stabilize our industry; and further protect our people and businesses until revenues return to normal.

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The Live Events Coalition was created and stands behind the following values:


Leaders help themselves and others do the right thing.  They are motivators, innovators vision coaches.  True leadership see’s where we are headed and plans the proper steps to get us there.  Leaders set direction, create the path and guide people through it.


We are accountable.  We take responsibility and acceptance in every path we take and the decisions we make.   Our words and actions affect others, both positively and negatively and we take ownership of this.


Honestly and ethically, we do what is right and admirable of the trust of others.  We are transparent and take responsibility for our actions


We are a community.  Together we can find support and support others.  We take this responsibility to heart and aim to helping to improve our industry community.


Creative thinking and fresh ideas inspires innovation and is at the core of what we do. We pursue and value ideas from our team and supporters to improve our organization and what we stand for.


We believe in the power of working together as a team, community and industry.  We joined together as a united voice and celebrate each and every role just as much as the next.  We are collaborators and are all in this unified together.


We choose to approach this time with strength of mind and courage.  United and brave in our moments of fear as we approach the unknown and conquer all things ahead together.


We are in this together.  With understanding and empathy– we are here, in support of you, our community and others.


The Live Events Coalition was formed by industry leaders who rallied around a Change.org petition launched on March 19, 2020 by Isaac Rothwell immediately following the halt of all live events due to the evolving
national public health emergency and the worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19.

The overwhelming response to Rothwell’s petition and the outpouring of support from every corner of the industry quickly identified the need for to create a Coalition of our live events peers. Industry Leaders came together, volunteering countless hours of their time, efforts and resources, to establish a Coalition that represents the varied and intricate live events industry. As the signature count on the petition grew, a National Facebook group was established for all those wanting to connect, share stories, opportunities or just support the Live Events mission. From 600 members one day to 4,000 members the next; and just a little under 10 days later, the member count reached almost 17,000 members. As if that wasn’t enough of a rally to
demonstrate the need for the Live Events Coalition, more than 20 local chapter groups have been established to date by volunteers in support of the mission of the Coalition at the local, grass roots level. And at the National level, we now have an Executive Committee leading more than 60 volunteers working collaboratively on outreach, lobbying and securing support from major partners, among many other key initiatives.

At the heart of our story of the Live Events Coalition is people– every face behind every live event has a story
to tell about how they’ve personally been impacted by Covid-19. Events came to a grinding halt before any other business sector. At the very first sign of the outbreak in early March, all events were cancelled or postponed, businesses lost their source of revenue overnight, left with no choice but to furlough almost 85% of their employees according to the latest average. Freelancers and contractors lost all of their work, supplier partners across the spectrum of the industry had no orders to fulfill and our venues shut down. No warning and
with no time to prepare– our industry went dark. The ripple effect of the live events industry is immense. From non-profit events, weddings, corporate meetings and conventions, press conferences and political debates to concerts, festivals, theatrical performances and sporting events, our experiences at the events we attend connect each one of us in every area of our personal and professional lives. And through every live event runs a common thread: the people who work behind the scenes to make it happen. The people of the Live Event Coalition— we are live events.

Become a part of the Live Events Coalition story and join us. Whether you sign the petition, share your story, or write a letter.