Alexander Fedrizzi

Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

Alexander Fedrizzi has spent the last 10 years developing talents in the audio field through international touring from venues ranging from theaters to stadiums. Alex simultaneously pursed his passions in operations, organization and efficiency through the startup and organization of several small business projects such as his work with his family business in travel. Alex was finally able to combine both worlds with his current position as Audio Specialist with Solotech coordinating multi-site logistics and bringing audio projects from concept to completion.

Alex on his involvement with Events Coalition: “I met Isaac several years ago after connecting on Linkedin and having lunch, while off tour working on a side project. When the events industry came to a halt, I reached out to Isaac to see how he had been affected. Having been a freelance technician, I knew that my colleagues and I would be greatly affected. Isaac sent me his petition and I signed right away and shared. When I offered my support and heard his passion, I knew I wanted to be involved. I asked how I could help and he brought me on board.”

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