Andrew Klosterman

Executive Vice President & State Coalition Political Action Committee Chair

Andy has been in the beverage and events industry since the age of 18, working his way up in the bar and hotel industries of San Diego, CA.  Andy is a true entrepreneur at heart, and his hobby during and after college was to write and re-write business plans for different beverage concepts. Eventually he stumbled upon the concept of beverage catering – which is how Peak Beverage was created. Andy is currently the President and CEO of Peak Beverage Catering Inc and Peak Beverage Inc., a new and unique beverage concept brought to Colorado in 2013.

Andy was awarded the Up and Coming Supplier in Colorado in 2016 and the Best Supplier (CO Meetings and Events Magazine) in 2018.  All this time, Andy remained an avid supporter of his industry, serving on a number of boards and leadership initiatives. He currently is a founding board member and Policy Chairmen for the Colorado Event Alliance, representing Colorado’s Special Events industry to State and Federal Government.

Andy has also served as an Aux Board member of Wings Over the Rockies, Off Premise Representative to the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division, Off Premise Representative to the Colorado Task Force for Drunk and Impaired Driving, Colorado State and Western US Representative to the Live Events Coalition National Committee in Federal outreach including lobbying and advocacy for the Special Events Industry.

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