Eileen Valois


Eileen Valois, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Sports and Fan Entertainment for PRG, is passionate about combining a hospitality experience with innovation and technology to deliver truly immersive live event experiences in sports, entertainment & hospitality. She began her career more than 25 years ago, gaining functional experience in food and beverage, guest services, and event operations; eventually leading operations, catering and sales teams in hotels and event venues. As a Special Event Professional (CSEP), Eileen has planned and produced events ranging from social galas and corporate meetings to high-profile political and professional sporting events. Eileen has negotiated multi-million dollar deals for long term partnerships between venues and production partners, led steering committees to establish new vertical markets for production services in sports and entertainment, collaborated with vendors to bring new event tech solutions to market, co-authored best practices in event safety for MPI and NCS4, serves as a mentor for emerging sports and event tech companies and provides thought leadership for industry councils and conferences.

Eileen on her involvement with Events Coalition: “I signed and shared the petition for Event Industry Aid on Change.org when it had just about 300 signatures. 24 hours later, it reached 39k signatures and I just had to reach out to the person that started it. I went to LinkedIn, looked up Isaac Rothwell, requested a connection and sent him a message to say, “we don’t know each other; but I want to thank you for taking the initiative to start this petition.” I told him that he should be proud and to let me know how I could support him. I guess you could say he took me up on that because the next thing I knew, I was talking to Isaac more often than the family members I’m staying at home with.”

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