“I saw the images of forklifts carrying bodies…”

I’ve been a musician all my life. I’ve been in the same band since I was about 14 and I’ve been touring and playing professionally almost every night for 30 years.

When COVID hit, we were on our way to a huge festival in Corpus Christi, we were driving and we got the word that the festival was canceled And we said, well, let’s just show up and see if we can get a gig in the city. We showed up and it was a ghost town.

Every gig I had booked for the next seven months was canceled. The actors, the musicians, the lighting guys, the sound techs and the men and women that cater and work the bars and do the ticket sales. People don’t understand how many people are just more than out of the job. You know, when an entire industry is just gone, there’s a lot of people not sensitive to that fact.

Unlike me some of the band members that I’ve played with for 30 years are taking Covid with varying degrees of seriousness. I saw the images of forklifts carrying bodies in New York. I saw things you shouldn’t see. And it hit me real hard. One of the band members didn’t take it seriously until his neighbor passed away.

Brandon B.