“I try to remember to be grateful…”

I’m a lighting designer. Some of the most rewarding work for me is to take what’s otherwise a blank slate of a room, a ballroom or a convention center, and to absolutely transform it with lighting…that to me is fulfilling work, but the live events that I thrive and survive on has gone to absolute zero.
Thank goodness there’s always been a split between our live event work and our architectural work, because the architectural has continued through COVID. 
I try to remember to be grateful on a daily basis that I have work, that I have a healthy wife, a wonderful wife, healthy kids, wonderful kids and I have more time to spend with them as a result of the crazy craziness that we’re in.
Now we have time every morning to go out together and walk the dog around the neighborhood. 
We take some grocery item and bring it to the local community refrigerator, there is a network of them around Manhattan, they actually run an extension cord out to a refrigerator. Take what you need, leave what you can. This was something that we should have been doing long ago. Why did it take COVID?

Christian M.