“We can shout into the void all we want…”

I woke up on March 13th with my professional life laid out. I had work. I had gigs, I was fine and I was making it and I went to bed that night with no jobs…I lost eight jobs in 12 hours. Realistically I don’t expect to be able to make a living in my industry again until 2022, at the earliest.

I was primarily making my living as a theater technician in the twin cities. There’s a really amazing art scene here and a thriving theater scene..or there was. You could actually make a living here in the arts.

Now I’m remodeling and house painting and I’ve laid so many floors this summer because apparently everybody decided that this was the year to redo their floors. I’m also working in a manufacturing plant. I make children’s toys and weaving looms. I’m basically Santa’s elf. It’s kind of the best, except that the work is really boring.

I miss theater, I miss art, I miss the chance to collaborate with other people.

I joined LEC because it provides a chance to advocate and make a difference. We can shout into the void all we want, but fundamentally we need advocacy that reaches out to the highest possible levels of government.

Gaea D.