“That tells me they’re not coming back…”

I know so many people who are teetering on the edge. They are not able to financially cover their debts, eviction moratoriums are expiring this month and many people are starting to sell off their gear. That tells me they’re not coming back. So it’s scary.

It’s hard to survive in California on unemployment, but when there’s no revenue, there’s no revenue. I joined LEC because I just think that the more people that are pounding the drum, the better off we are.

I spent many years touring as a manager, production manager and sound engineer. I came to California a few years back to manage a theater because I wanted to get off the road and you know, be in one spot. Well, that was great until the pandemic hit.

I’ve gone into remodeling houses. There’s money in it and I can do something while I’m waiting for my theater to open.

I’d like to finish out my career in entertainment. I love the theater and I would like to go back. I enjoy the excitement of providing entertainment for thousands and thousands of people. So yeah, I kind of would like to go back.

And then if I want to pivot back into remodeling houses, I can, or I’ll just ride my Harley every day into the sunset. I’m getting, you know, into the golden years of my career.

Gary B.