“This really rocked me…”

I am very fortunate to have a patio at my apartment. I had a gorgeous view of the empire state building and during the pandemic they built a hotel. And now I only see the Spire. It’s immaterial, it’s a view. People have lost much more, but please respect that for me, that was a big loss. To live here all those years and see that view. And then that’s gone. It was just one thing on top of the other. I have a hard time sometimes going out there and looking at it.
I grew up on welfare and food stamps in Brooklyn. And I shared a bedroom with my mom growing up, but I was able to buy the company that I worked at when I graduated college.
We were a team of nine. We furloughed them on March 18th, now it’s just me and my partner. I feel like a horrible person. I feel like I failed. One employee was with us 20 years, others 17 years, some 16 years.
My team was my family. I’m a caregiver at heart and a fighter through and through, this really rocked me.
My biggest fear is that I am not going to be able to pay my bills and I’m going to be destitute or something, or I lose my apartment and everything I built.

Jaclyn B.