“One of my worst nightmares has come true…”

I’m an artist first and foremost, an author and an entrepreneur. I lead a team of women in creating fine art stationary for couples worldwide. In March of 2020 we were entering our 18th year of business. We had no debt and had absolutely no idea what was about to hit us.
One of my worst nightmares has come true and we had to cut team hours but we are still working.  Though it feels like trudging through molasses most days, but we are really lucky because so many of us in the industry have had to completely lay off staff and we’ve been able to somehow muddle through, now we’re in debt, but we are here.
I very much feel like I did when I first started where I didn’t have much of a life. I’ve returned to that new entrepreneur tension in my personal life where it’s very difficult to shut it off. You know, you feel like you’re clamoring to stay alive.
It’s like being a new mom and yet in ways it’s invigorating to be able to say at this stage in the COVID era we are still here and we are still alive and we’re still producing beautiful work.
We are fierce and we are bringing smiles to faces and finding a way through with grace.

Kristy R.