“You know what I miss most…”

You know what I miss most, I miss seeing my team together. I miss going in and watching my team do their thing. And my heart breaks.

The last couple of years business had been growing and growing. Of course all our plans got disrupted this year. The pandemic came and it’s all gone, we ended up laying off our entire staff within the first two weeks of March.. we laid off over a hundred people.

We were built around companies like Microsoft and Amazon.

We were built for group events. No group events are happening, so no group transportation is happening. I mean our income is down 99%. Like it’s literally all gone.

The business will come back. We know that, but what does it look like? And how do we prepare ourselves for that return. How are we positioned so that we can take full advantage of that opportunity.

I’ve got to figure out how to recapitalize. It’s 150k just to start the insurance and to bring people back. It’s a financial challenge if we don’t get federal support.

You have to focus on the silver lining which for me has been having the time to work on self-development. Like my training for an iron man, which allows me to have more perspective and lower my stress. I’ve been very calm through this whole thing.

Stuart B.