“I came home to chaos…”

Pre-pandemic I was your typical boss-babe mom, flitting around the country speaking at different conferences for the wedding industry. 

I remember exactly when I knew that the crap had hit the fan. I was at a conference in Vegas and the city was just not the same and I came home to chaos.

My children were home from school and never went back. Now I am having to manage being the guidance counselor, the teacher and the lunch lady, along with everything else and as a wedding planner I’m all about experiences, and it has to be big, so I am now the owner of a 20 foot inflatable movie screen for our backyard.

Actually I’m doing okay financially. I re-imagined what I was doing as an industry educator and speaker and took everything from in-person to virtual and I became even more of a stalwart force within my industry.

I am not a quitter, I’m a fighter and no matter what’s going to be thrown at me, I’m going to find some way to handle it. I can’t say that I always had that strength and that resolve, and that was definitely something that I had to find and cultivate last year.

So I mean, everybody’s like, Oh my God, I hate 2020. And I’m like, yeah, it rocked me, but I’m still standing. And I’m grateful for it. Definitely grateful for it.

Terrica S.