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March Legislative Update: American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

We continue to make progress in our efforts to gain support for our still-developing proposal to expand the Shuttered-Venue Grant Program (SVOG). This includes:

  1. A broader range of the live events industry (not just music venues and talent agencies), and
  2. Finding a path to increase its funding

We know that opening SVOG to all of us is, by far, the best way for Congress to help our industry’s businesses, but it’s not done yet. All the same, there are a number of smaller wins to be found in the relief package just passed by Congress. Read more.

Legislative Wins for the Live Events Industry COVID Relief Package
Passed December 21, 2020

The COVID Relief Package passed by Congress in December 2020 provided relief in the form of an expanded PPP, extension of unemployment beenfits, direct stimulus benefits, a grant program for shuttered live event venues, and more. To see a full breakdown of the relief package and how it might apply to you, click here.