Join the LEC National Team

Are you interested in volunteering with the national Live Events Coalition team? See below for all available opportunities and send your resume to Andy Klosterman.

Head of Development

An integral position in the LEC, this person will be in charge of all Development Committees and be the connective tissue between various fundraising and sponsorship activities of the organization.  Experience in sales, especially in a managerial role, is highly preferred. This person will be accountable for overall revenue of the LEC and report to the Executive Director.

Board Secretary

The Board Secretary will manage the various legal and administrative and governance issues in the LEC.  This position will be responsible for ensuring legal compliance, board governance issues including board ethics and code conduct, communication with Legal, and other administrative matters of the LEC.  We are looking for an organized person who would not be afraid to speak up to ensure that  with legal/admin issues are dealt with adequately. This position will report to the Executive Director.

Development Admin

This committee lead would be responsible for ensuring the proper administration of all members, sponsors, fundraising activities. This includes management of the LEC’s membership portal and IT infrastructure, new member A/R, communication with members at all levels, ensuring questions or concerns are routed correctly, and more. This position would report to the Executive Director.

Development Benefits Committee Member

This committee will continually create and enhance the various membership levels and benefits from individuals to businesses to sponsorships. This committee would keep accurate and updated membership benefits documentation and work with marketing to promote benefits.  They would also continually evaluate the effectiveness of our benefits and look to adapt benefits to the market. We are looking for a creative lead and committee members who can develop and help create our member benefits for 2021 and beyond.

Business Membership Committee Members

This committee would be a sales – focused committee that would attract and retain business memberships for the LEC.  Businesses at the 0-$10,000 membership levels would be addressed by the committee with anything beyond addressed by the sponsorship committee level for a more customized association.  This committee would work on getting as many business memberships as possible and drive communication from the LEC to the business community of the special events industry. Ideal applicants should have a sales background, but not a requirement!

State Development Committee Members

This committee would be responsible for the creation and growth of state coalitions focusing on all aspects of getting a state group to be a viable LEC chapter. This would include legal aspects, minimum membership levels, creation of the state leadership board, technology roll out, communications connections, etc.  The lead here should be a well rounded person who is not afraid of reaching out to new states and establishing a foothold in new markets.  They would need to develop a clear communication plan between all the various elements of the LEC and the state to help them launch.  Once at a “minimum viable standard” the State Development committee would move on to another state.

PR Manager

LEC is looking for a PR Manager who can oversee all PR functions for LEC national, including drafting press releases, crafting language to be included in media pitches, contacting relevant members of the media to suggest stories, and more. Candidates should have prior experience with public relations (either in house or with an agency) and are highly motivated to help promote LEC’s image.

Social Media Manager

LEC is looking for a day-to-day social media manager who will oversee social media needs for the organization, including maintaining a social media schedule, curating and organizing relevant content, posting to all platforms as needed, and more. Candidates should have experience with Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, along with complementary programs such as Tweetdeck, Unfold, etc.


We’re looking for someone who has extensive HTML and WordPress experience to help LEC maintain and update our national website! The role involves managing the day-to-day needs of the public facing website and working with LEC leadership to determine the best course of access in updating the website.

Marketing Manager

LEC is looking for an overall Marketing Manager to help the organization manage the overall marketing needs, such as curating and developing messaging across all platforms, managing marketing partnerships with external organizations, finding and developing relationships with relevant organizations for marketing purposes, and more. Candidates must have excellent writing and copy editing skills along with a strong attention to detail.

Graphic Designer

LEC is looking for a graphic designer with a keen sense of marketing design to help build assets across the organization. Projects include creating an overall design aesthetic for particular projects, working on graphics or one-sheeters related to LEC’s mission, updating existing graphics, working on special projects as they relate to the overall marketing of the organization and more. Candidates must have experience designing with an eye for digital marketing and have access to any software needed for design (Adobe products, especially).