Lyn Stout


Lyn Stout is the owner and creative director of Bond Events and has specialized in creating impactful experiences for both mission driven and luxury clients.  With two decades of international event planning experience, Lyn has handled all aspects of strategy, design, and planning for hundreds of conferences and special events in more than 25 countries around the globe.  From SpaceX to The MacArthur Foundation, Bond has represented a variety of inspirational clients. 

Before founding Bond, Lyn served as the VP of Marketing for a global communications firm and as an events coordinator for an international scientific foundation focusing on peace building measures.  Additionally, she acted as a sponsorship & events Coordinator for an around-the-world sailing race.  Lyn has managed all aspects of special events throughout the US, the Middle East, Europe and the former Soviet Union. 

She founded Bond to help showcase incredible organizations that believe in using their platforms to advocate for social change.  Bond is a female owned production company that helps keep the process as simple and as fun as possible while achieving the same results you might get with a much larger firm. 

As a thought leader in the industry, Lyn was one of the early signers of the original petition, requesting federal aid for the Live Events industry, circulated by Isaac Rothwell. As a founder of the DC Events Coalition and a prominent player in the DC market, she understood the need for advocacy for the industry.  By connecting with the members of the industry, providing guidance and leadership in this unprecedented time, and harnessing the power of our collective numbers, Lyn has shown her commitment to our community. Our power is truly in our numbers to make sure our voice is heard. 

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