Nancy Shaffer

President & Government Relations Chair

For over 30 years, BRAVO! CEO, Founder and Chief Strategist Nancy Shaffer has been designing, managing and executing live events for corporations, non-profits and associations. Following a highly successful career in IT related sales and marketing she found her way to the live event industry through a passion for dancing. As with any passion/hobby there is a community and within the world of dance there was a large community of competitive swing and
country dance competitions. She volunteered at a few of these events and quickly determined that the impact of live events was powerful and here skills where perfect for events and where she belonged. So in she jumped. Combining the skills gained in her 20+ career in corporate
marketing and sales, with her organizational, logistical and critical thinking abilities proved to be the perfect fit. She left a highly lucrative and successful position and has never looked back to start BRAVO! expanding from national and international dance competitions to planning and producing events ranging from 10 people to 10,000, corporate events and nonprofit galas to
meetings and more. Bringing her understanding of the power of a story she works with her clients to bring their stories to life creating experiences that impact BRAVO!’s client’s objectives and expand their brand reach as well as using these skills to make a difference in the world. Her commitment to excellence and a passion for story telling has is the foundation from
which BRAVO! produces campaigns that are sustainable and exceed clients’ expectations.

In addition to her work with clients she is passionate about mentorship within and out of the industry, committed to the community with a focus on youth and supporting organizations making a difference. Through this commitment she found her way to Isaac Rothwell and The Live Events Coalition. She is a founding member of the DC Event Coalition which led her to Isaac, maybe it was her upbringing in Berkeley California where she was taught that your role is to “love for others not just ourselves”, maybe it is her understanding that Events Unite People, maybe it was just meant to be. Working with a remarkable team of industry professionals to elevate the VOICE and industry is one of the most important and fulfilling parts of her career – being a part of this team, working together to make a difference means so much. Nancy is
located in Washington, DC and working with LEC members to bring the Events Industry as a whole to the attention of policy makers to ensure the VOICE of the industry is heard.

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